On the upper floor of an old brick building in downtown Natick, MA, I paint with acrylics on canvas. Color and wonder saturate my work because I am continually inspired by New England's dramatic and moving light. My art relies on being fully present and paying close attention to the world around me. When I find myself in awe, I purposefully refocus and concentrate on my felt-sense of the image, and then reflect it through my art.

My creative process often begins by applying layers of vibrant under-paintings to create rich textures. During the painting process, I am filled with feelings of urgency and bliss, and I often have a dancing conversation with a painting. As the image reveals itself, I talk with the light and shadows. I listen for the painting's needs. When there's no more to express, I celebrate the peace of knowing I have returned a point in time for others to witness.

I come from a long line of artists and am the daughter of accomplished painters. My parents' continued support and wise critiques of my work are invaluable. My goal is to give you a moment of pause and to stir a joyous place in your heart. I hope that my art becomes a source of pleasure for those who welcome it into their life.